I have observed that during the first minutes of efforts or warming up, the EDEL level decreases in consequence to an important increase of oxygen consumption and this intake of free radicals will consume the available antioxidants. During the effort, the body will adapt to an important flow of free radicals and thus increase the flow of antioxidants to compensate. After the effort the EDEL level rises then lowers as the body has to readjust to the decrease of the free radicals. But the body being damaged by the effort (aches and significant presence of oxygen) will see a recovery phase where the flow of antioxidants will try to compensate the balance of the free radicals from the effort.

The objective is to start the race with a rested body that does not need to compensate and therefore to consume antioxidants in an excessive way. It would even be useful to be in a slight excess of antioxidants. To arrive at this result, one must avoid significant efforts in the days preceding the race (recovery period) to try to reduce the variations of the EDEL values, looking to have a slightly positive trend. This can be controlled with the food which can increase the EDEL values. Knowing that sleep tends to lower the EDEL level, in the morning of the race one must also eat well to keep a positive trend and compensate a deficiency due to the night. Taking an energetic drink before the race to increase the level of antioxidant in anticipation of the effort, can prepare the body for the effort.

The goal is to arrive at the race with a good supply of antioxidants to counter the high consumption during the race.

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