Stéphane Abry will perform The Swiss Tour by Running from 30 May to 13 June 2015. O2score will be a partner in this unprecedented challenge and will equipped the runner with his mobile device to enable him to determine his recovery status after the efforts.

Profile : Stéphane Abry

Stéphane Abry, who will start this Saturday the Swiss Tour by running is a true passionate of running. He ran for fun during his teenage years until his 25 years. He got out his sneakers again in 2007 to practice a new healthy activity and set new goals. He admits readily that running is a passion and he feels good in striding the road.

Stéphane Abry has specialised himself in long distances as evidenced by his participation in the Monacco and the Lausanne marathons to the 24hrs of Bâle or of the 100 km Bienne. He is motivated by the feeling of freedom and the autonomy given by running. He likes to run, to accumulate the kilometres and the racing hours in order to set ever higher goals. He also appreciates the mental preparation prior, during and after his races.

The challenge and its stages

The Swiss Tour by running will start from May 30 to June 13, 2015. Stéphane Abry will have to run about 1060km, about an average of 70km per day. He will face a positive altitude of 13,500 metres during his journey. He will be the first to achieve this physical and mental challenge. He hopes to open a way for other runners who wish to repeat or improve his performance. The route of the Swiss Tour by running will be then saved.

The Swiss Tour by Running of Stéphane Abry has 14 stages:

  1. Montreux-Sion
  2. Sion-Brig
  3. Brig-Airolo
  4. Airolo-Bellinzone
  5. Bellinzone-Lugano
  6. Lugano-Mesocco
  7. Mesocco-Coire
  8. Coire-St Gall
  9. St Gall-Zurich
  10. Zurich-Bâle
  11. Bâle-Porrentruy
  12. Porrentruy-Neuchâtel
  13. Neuchâtel-Morges
  14. Morges-Genève
  15. Genève-Montreux

The race will start Saturday May 30, 2015 at 10am from the Montreux Tennis Club in Territet. The arrival is Saturday June 13, 2015 around 8pm on the quays of Montreux.

The foundation Enfants Papillons

Stéphane Abry short by passion, by challenge, for the performance but as well for a good cause. In fact during his Swiss Tour by Running from May 30 to June 13, 2015 he will support the foundation Enfants Papillons. This foundation support research for the epidermolysis bullosa, a rare and orphan genetic disease that affects the mucosal membranes and the entire skin.

The research is the only long-term hope for the children affected by this disease in order to alleviate their pain and stop the debilitating changes it. The children affected by this disease must receive a daily care of 2 hrs and are covered by 50 metres of bandages. Stéphane Abry is therefore revealed to be an ultra runner who has heart.


For more information and to follow the day to day performance, visit the blog of Stéphane Abry and see you on Facebook. The O2score results of Stéphane Abry will be published daily and commented by our specialists.

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