This week Yanick Ecoeur gives us his preparation tips for the week preceding a sport challenge. His experience of ski mountaineer with an impressive track record confirms the effectiveness of his trainings. Yannick Ecoeur is also one of the first sportsmen who believed in the potential of the O2score device as he uses the device regularly and did integrate it in his sport training routine.


 During the last week before a sporting challenge, it is too late to think about improving the performance. The aim is rather to maintain it. The recovery thus plays a key role in the preparation. Here is my schedule:

  • D-5: Light workout so not to create too much fatigue and keep the maximum influx for the D day.
  • D-4: Small session of intensity.
  • D-3: Light workout session so not to create too much fatigue.
  • D-2: Rest.
  • D-1: Exercises of light rhythm change.

In addition to this schedule, I use O2score. The device lets me know how I need to train in relation to the intensity or the duration of my short trips. I regularly check my Edel results that indicate me how to regulate and calibrate my efforts.

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