Stéphane is a runner who has set a new challenge to do the Swiss Tour by Running, which is a journey of approximately 1,060km at a rate of 70km per day between May 30 and June 13, 2015.

O2score analyses the recovery of the athlete by measuring the variations of his antioxidant defence system. An accurate and objective understanding of the recovery enables the athletes to dose their efforts to optimize their training.

Before his departure, Stéphane measured himself with O2score to establish its reference value (value before starting his Swiss Tour). We were then able to notice that the system of Stéphane was perfectly balanced (Value EDEL = 200) and that he was particularly well prepared to tackle his challenge. During his Swiss Tour, Stéphane performs 2 daily measurements, the first in the morning before his breakfast and the second after completing the day’s stage.

After 9 days of racing, which is more than 600km, we can perform a first analysis of the measured values which informs us on the daily recuperation status of Stéphane.

The daily values are expressed in Edel, those of the mornings in light green and those of the end of the day in yellow. The blue curve represents the average value of all the measured values and those in red is the average value of the last 5 days.


It is observed that the average values increase significantly since the start of the race. This increase is totally normal and corresponds to the natural increase of the antioxidant defence system subject to low intensity effort but for a long period (more than 7 hours per day) and repeated for several consecutive days.

On the second graph (dark green dot) following the day of June 2 during which Stéphane has travelled 70km with a temperature of 28°C, we can see that the recovery of Stéphane the next morning, the morning of June 3 is not complete. This value is confirmed by Stéphane who has a feeling of great fatigue. The dark green dot is at -2.56 and this value would be zero or very slightly positive in the case of a good recovery. At the end of the day on June 3, after 9 hours of race with a temperature of about 30°C the EDEL value continued to increase(259 Edel). Fortunately, if Stéphane is not fully recovered the next morning, June 4 (recovery value of -3.6) the situation will improve over the following days and the morning of June 6 his recovery is complete, which is outstanding!  And over the following days , the fatigue increases and we see an Edel value at 178 at the end of the day of June 7 and the morning of June 8 the recovery shows a slight positive (overcompensation), which shows that despite the fatigue accumulated Stéphane always recover quickly from the efforts of the previous day.

With a well balanced system, it is possible to achieve performances in the best possible conditions. In fact, a bad recovery values too high or too low indicate a greater risk of oxidative stress including a decrease in performance and an increased risk of inflammation and injury.

We continue to analyse the measured values and knowing the status of his recovery every morning, Stéphane can better dose the effort of the day.

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