Wakebiard, sport d'été

Water Ski

Water skiing is similar in appearance to skiing, but it is in reality very different (although we find the backing of alpine skiing). Being performed on water, the resistances are different, especially as the water skiing is a traction sport. Standing on one or two boards (one board being called a ski: bi-ski or monoski), the skier will be pulled by a motorboat or a cable specially dedicated for this activity. The speed of this sport can go from fifteen kilometres per hour to over eighty kilometres per hour during boat races, towing the skiers. Enough to have nice thrills and work the heart rate while enjoying the air and the water in summer.

In the disciplines we find the monoski and the bi-ski (the practices being somewhat different, the bi-ski easier to access for beginners will let you evolve towards the monoski by perfecting you). In the other competition events we find the slalom, the jump or even the manoeuvres. For each discipline the benefits for the skiers are very important, from learning the movements coordination at the maximum concentration through improve reaction time and anticipation. Enough to develop many qualities even for everyday life.

The slalom consists in getting around the buoys and achieves the course with a defined speed. The jump which is identical to the winter event consists of making the longest jump with the help of a ramp. And for more entertainment, there is the figures event which consists of trying to achieve the figures at rather grandiose speeds, depending on the scoring scales. This discipline is very technical and requires some expertise.


Wakeboarding compared to waterskiing is what snowboarding is compared to alpine skiing. Arrived after the later, the practice is done on one board with fasteners to hold the feet. So for those looking for excitement and the muscle work rather than the sagittal plan, you have here a very complete sport that will make you work the upper and lower limbs in a different way.

Like the water skiing, you are towed using a motorboat or a cable. Today many stretches of water have set up many cable equipments for wakeboarding and you can practice this sport cheaply during the day. Ideal during hot weather to occupy yourself with, to relax, to keep fit and to maintain your figure.


Wakeskating has its similarities to skateboarding. With a smaller board, you will work more with finesse and precision. In fact, the mistakes will be punished by a good swim quicker than in wakeboarding or water skiing.

Thanks to the motors and the adapted cables, wakeskating can be practiced on most water stretches and even in town. A good way not to burn your calories on the asphalt and the burning modules of the skateboard and come and try this refreshing water sport.

Note that this sport is practiced (just like the skateboarding) without fastening; the board has anti-slip qualities that allow you not to slip and maintain some grips with your feet. The achievable figures are almost identical to those of skateboarding with some board rotations which are much easily handled thanks to its smaller size. Here again you will be able to develop precision skills but also learn to control your emotions and your fear to launched yourself into new figures without being glued to your board. A special feeling and just as pleasant. To be tested.


Is also a sport derived from the wakeboarding, well you must know that it the not new either but it has began its ascent shortly. Today known by the surfers, this practice is starting to spread. Standing on the board, the wakesurfer will look forward to thrills in the waves produced by a boat ahead of him.

If you start to practice this activity make sure to follow the recommendations regarding the boat (no propellers outside the boat because of injury risk but as well in terms of the weight of the boat). In order to make more or less big waves, the boats will load in weights.

Boards for this sport exist, however some have managed to practice wakesurfing with surfboards. Harder to access, you may need some courses to start but the thrills of this popular sport promise a great deal of fun.


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