Train smart with O2score

O2score is a nomad device for measuring your rate of recovery after exercising. It enables you to better manage your training to improve its benefit.

Monitor the effects of your training and lifestyle!

The O2score questionnaire enables you to effectively monitor your lifestyle to improve your recovery.

Make the most of your training?
Try smart recovery!

Increase your performance by optimizing your recovery. Recovery plays a crucial role in improving your performance.

Free mobile App available on multiple devices

  • Optimize your recovery (after effort)
  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Improve your performance
  • Train smarter to increase your mental toughness


  • O2score is leading in managing recovery

    A unique technology
    A unique technology
    O2score is a revolutionary technology for measuring the rate of recovery from a single capillary blood drop.  In less than 30 seconds, you will get your EDEL value, that will enable you to better manage your training.
    State-of-the-art R&D
    State-of-the-art R&D
    O2score was born out of a joint effort between engineers, researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Stanford scientists and experts in the field of physiology and performance.
    Managing training
    Managing training
    O2score is a reference tool for sportspeople. It enables you to better manage your recovery time as well as the frequency and intensity of your training.
  • Testimony

    I am using O2score for 6 months and several times, I was able to adjust my training based on my EDEL results. O2score has become a precious supplementary tool in my preparation.Yannick Ecoeur, Ski Alpinist & World Champion 2013
  • Ce que vous obtenez ici

    Une plateforme de suivi de vos mesures
    Une plateforme de suivi de vos mesures
    Connectez-vous à l’application O2score et consultez régulièrement votre tableau de bord. Une moyenne périodique de vos mesures vous donne une tendance de l’évolution de vos valeurs et vous renseigne sur votre récupération.
    Amélioration de votre performance
    Amélioration de votre performance
    Visualisez le rapport correspondant à vos mesures et votre indice de bien-être afin de prendre les bonnes décisions concernant la fréquence et l’intensité de votre entraînement.
  • Commencez par votre test Lifestyle

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